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Cultural Artists as Strategists


1-2 sentence descriptor of project.

East Oakland, CA | Years


  • Shifting demographics have started to erase the history of prominent Black cultural influence on the city of Oakland


  • Assist a long standing organization (created in 2007) in expanding its reach to incorporate art and artists in making a more vibrant Oakland

  • Build out its ability to measure the impact of its programs and outreach

  • Build capacity of the organization to apply for both private and public funding sources


  • Design and upgrade tracking systems as well as provide training for Eastside Arts Alliance staff

  • Increase knowledge of staff to work with formerly incarcerated people, adding a new dimension to the intersectional work of Eastside Arts Alliance

  • Increase capacity for Eastside Arts Alliance to report on their impact and apply for greater sources of funding from public grants such as the Community Development Block Grant