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for advancing restorative justice in policy + planning + development


Technical Assistance for Transformative Leaders

We apply the fullness of our experiences as government officials, entrepreneurs, researchers, planners, architects, lawyers, activists, teachers, and fellow humans to help transformative leaders in all sectors change the world. We know the lonely uphill battles you face in disrupting unjust systems and the status quo.

Research, data, policy development, resource identification, people connecting, strategic and wise counsel, what else do you need to support your case for equity?

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Leadership Development

We want to inspire young and not so young people to have the audacity to follow their purpose for social justice. We teach, mentor, write, and speak.

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Incubate Transformation

We provide seed support for transformative leaders with righteous dreams of social justice but without access to the infrastructure needed for realization. We’re currently incubating Bay Area anti-displacement and housing as a human right campaigns.