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Designing cities for ALL

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for restorative justice in policy + planning + development

We believe that race, space, and place still matter in defining individual and community outcomes. They determine our access to opportunities, health, wealth, and even basic human necessities. Racial disparities in poverty, health, income, housing stability, and education did not evolve overnight. They have been shaped by a long history of intentional or, at times unintentional, racist policies, divestment, and neglect.

How do we, today , as an evolved society, forge a different road of restorative justice? It will first take centering the people most impacted to have the power to define and solve the problems. It will also take the audacity to come together to design cities that remember our collective past of grave injustices, vow never to repeat that history, and forge new roadmaps of inclusion and equity — this is what restorative justice looks like.

In the words of our co-founder, mentor and hero, Ron Dellums, just cities…

“Cannot be sacrificed on the altar of development nor gentrification. They must embrace the ideals of diversity and environmental integrity. As a community, we can figure this out with our genius, brilliance and our compassion as human beings. ”

Learn more about Just Cities co-founder, former Congressman and global humanitarian Ron Dellums.

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